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Hi. My name is Brad Abrahams.

I am a Bristol-based frontend web developer with over 12 years of experience who is passionate about using appropriate technologies to create a user experience which is accessible, intuitive and attractive.

Check out what I can do, see some examples of my work, and feel free to get in touch.


Frontend build

First and foremost, I am a frontend developer. I have extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS and keep up-to-date with emerging standards. I like to use CSS preprocessors such as SASS, although recently I have been enjoying using styled components. I find build tools like Webpack to be invaluable. I have published my default build system on GitHub, and consider it to be a good starting point.


Being a frontend developer in modern times is often synonymous with "JavaScript developer". I favour using ES6/7+ and transpiling using tools such as Babel. I have extensive knowledge of JavaScript and modern frameworks such as React with Redux (or a "pure" Flux implementation such as Fluxxor). I lint my code. I love learning new technologies whenever I can, but don't use them in production for the sake of it.

Python, Django and Flask

I have experience with Python, Django, and Flask - specifically integrating the frontend templates, but also adding functionality where appropriate and creating side projects in my spare time. I have worked with Python and Django stacks for most of my professional career.

Responsive design

Responsiveness for mobile is no longer optional. I am comfortable not only ensuring that designs respond well to different screen sizes and resolutions but also ensuring that sites are optmised to load fast on mobile devices. Chrome DevTools' network tab coupled with ADB for debugging rendering bottlenecks on mobile devices is something that I find to be incredibly useful at times.

Automated testing

Testing is an important subject these days. Whether we're talking unit tests for JavaScript such as testing React components with Jest and Enzyme, or an integrated solution using Selenium, I have experience with both and know when each is appropriate. There is a time and a place for both (and that may not be every project).

Last but not least...

I have a passion for what I do. That's pretty important! I spend my free time working on personal projects and contributing to open-source projects that I use because, well, learning is fun. Check out some of my favourite projects.

Relevant Employment

Freelance 2016 - Current

I currently work on a freelance basis. I am based in Cotham, Bristol, just a short walk from the city centre. I am also available to work remotely, be that in Bristol, London, or a different country. If you feel that I could be a good fit for your project then please get in touch.

Streetlife 2011 - 2016

Streetlife was a local social network that allowed neighbours to discuss local issues and help each other out with skill exchanges and item advertisements, amongst other things. It was acquired by Nextdoor in 2017. I worked at Streetlife for over four years as their sole frontend developer.

Playfire 2009 - 2011

Playfire was a VC-backed social networking startup for gamers that connected you with fellow gamers and automatically tracked your gaming achievements. It was based in Central London and was acquired by Green Man Gaming in 2012. I worked for Playfire for over two years as their sole frontend developer.

Rockpool 2006 - 2009

I worked for one of Bristol's leading digital agencies, Rockpool Digital. I was the second employee and focussed on the frontend; keeping on top of industry standards, creating a QA checklist, and ensuring that our builds were of a high quality.



Streetlife is a local social network that allows neighbours to discuss local issues and help each other out. It is based in Leicester Square, London. I worked at Streetlife as a Software Engineer for over four years (I was their sole frontend developer).


Playfire was a VC-backed social networking startup aimed at gamers, based in the centre of London (Soho and then Covent Garden). I worked for Playfire full-time as their sole frontend developer.


Thread is service that provides men with a personal online stylist. I worked for them on a contract basis for a year.

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is an online cybersecurity training platform. I worked for them on a contract basis.

Simplify Digital

Simplifydigital is an Ofcom-accredited price comparison website that searches digital TV, broadband and home phone packages to find the best deal.

Sky Homes

Communal TV is a department of Sky which specialises in installing Sky solutions in blocks of flats.


Maraschino is an open source web-based frontend for XBMC Home Theatre PCs that I created in my free time.

Fun Stuff

I have worked on a number of personal projects over the years, just for fun. Here are some of my projects on GitHub.


Other Skills and Interests

I have been working in the web industry for a number of years now, and understand the realities of working both in a studio and as part of a start-up. I am able to work effectively as part of a team, communicating ideas and sharing knowledge; equally, I am able to work unassisted and get the work done. I always do the best job that I can, but understand that there are deadlines to meet and the need to get things released and iterated upon quickly. I am a fast learner and quick to pick up new skills. I like to think that I approach challenges creatively, thinking of the best solution for a given problem. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my skills, both technical and personal, and read industry blogs.

My job is important to me, but I have a life outside of work. Music is a large part of my life, and I listen to everything from hip-hop to jungle to classical. I enjoy reading and am a fan of Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis. Food and restaurants are a passion of mine; sometimes I'm as happy with a dirty burger oozing with fake American cheese as I am with a Michelin-starred tasting menu.

I also spend time outside of work on personal web projects (home automation and home theatre projects being prime examples). I feel that it is important to remember why I got into web development in the first place, and to spend time working on projects that inspire me.


Email is the best way of contacting me.

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