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Drop me an email at website@bradabrahams.co.uk and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I am a Bristol-based frontend web developer with 10 years of experience who is passionate about using appropriate technologies to create a user experience which is accessible, intuitive and attractive. Take a look at some of my work.

What I do

  • HTML and CSS

    First and foremost, I am a frontend developer. I have excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS, and keep up-to-date with emerging standards. I like to use CSS preprocessors such as LESS and SASS, but understand the importance of not getting carried away. I've learnt the hard way that selector efficiency is of actual importance, especially on mobile.

    I am well-versed in using package management tools like npm and build systems such as Gulp.

  • JavaScript

    I have excellent knowledge of JavaScript and modern frameworks such as React with Flux. CommonJS and ES6 are good things. Being a frontend developer in modern times is arguably synonymous with "JavaScript developer".

    Of course, I am also well-versed in "vanilla" JavaScript (and find that jQuery still has a time and a place).

  • Python, Django and Flask

    I also have experience of back-end development, particularly with regards to integrating the frontend side of things. I currently favour Python and Django, having used these two technologies (as well as the Jinja templating language) for a number of years both at Playfire and Streetlife. I love how fast concepts can be turned into working applications using this combination of technologies. I am am a fast learner and am open to learning how to integrate my frotend code with whatever backend technologies are in use.

  • Mobile optimisation

    Repsonsiveness for mobile is no longer optional. I am comfortable not only ensuring that designs respond well to different screen sizes and resolutions, but also ensuring that sites load fast on mobile devices. Chrome DevTools' network tab coupled with ADB for debugging rendering bottlenecks on mobile devices is something that I find to be incredibly useful at times.

  • Photoshop

    I have been using Photoshop for over a decade and know the software very well. As you might expect, I am especially adept at using it for the production of web graphics (even though it is less integral these days due to what you can achieve with advanced CSS).

  • Automated testing

    This is in an important subject these days. Whether we're tallking unit tests for JavaScript or an integrated solution using Selenium, I have experience with both and know when each is appropriate.

  • HTML email creation

    I have created HTML emails for Playfire, BSkyB and Simplifydigital which have been tested as fully working in all major email clients (including Outlook). It's a thankless task but somebody has to slice up those images!

  • Last but not least...

    I have a passion for what I do. That's pretty important! I spend my free time working on personal projects because, well, learning is fun. Check out some of my favourite personal projects.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I see Brad as frontend SAS."

Kieran O'Neill, CEO, Playfire.com